One Earth Capital is a
San Francisco Bay Area-based, boutique venture capital firm.

Our intention is to support the wellbeing of the planet and its people, while generating superior financial returns.

Our strategy is to find and fund early-stage companies with decentralized, game-changing technologies in transformative personal development. We have a particular interest in companies that intersect self-awareness and sound business.

Ideally, we seek technologies that not only help the individual today (for example, by reducing tension and improved lifestyle choices), but also impact society at a greater level (for example, by providing organizations tools to reinvent themselves with greater self-awareness).

We choose to work with passionate, innovative, growth-oriented people who share our vision and values and who have the experience and track record to steward game-changing ideas through to successful actualization.

To further support the personal development and leadership potential of our portfolio CEOs, One Earth Capital subsidizes the cost of Executive Coaching.

The One Earth Capital team shares a passion for people, their development and solutions that lead to wellbeing.

Joe Hudson

Joe Hudson

Joe Hudson is the founder and Managing Director of One Earth Capital. He has over 20 years of corporate experience in helping build companies in personal development, sustainable agriculture and financial services. Joe has worked closely with a diverse array of organizations, ranging from Barclays Global Investors, Wells Fargo Bank, The Bureau of Reclamation, to smaller entrepreneurial companies across six continents.

He spearheaded the first Venture Capital company to focus on Sustainable Agriculture and was the largest investor in the first Sustainable Agriculture IPO on Nasdaq. He has served on The Board of Directors of both public and private companies and has helped many of these companies realize exponential growth.

Joe has committed himself to a life of self-exploration and inner reflection across multiple platforms. For the past 15 years, Joe has also been deeply involved in philanthropy. His projects have spanned from improving education in inner cities, to encouraging mindfulness. He has also been part of the restoration of several riparian habitats in the South West United States. Alongside his role as Venture Capitalist, Joe is the Managing Director of the DBJ Foundation. In that role he identifies organizations and assists them in increasing their reach from local to national levels.


One Earth is a closely held company and not a fund.

For this reason we are private about our investment activity. We strive to positively impact the wellbeing of the planet with our investments and our overall approach to investing.

By focusing on a small number of investments, we are able to play an active role in each of them. We create lasting, synergistic partnerships with our portfolio companies, helping to provide the support, guidance, expertise and resources to bring innovations from inception to wide-scale adoption.

Our preference is to co-invest with other firms who share our vision so that our portfolio companies get as much benefit as possible from their boards. We leverage our network of connections with other investors and industry professionals to maximize our companies’ chances of success.



We value integrity, honest communication, hard work, mission-driven passion, humor, and good listening.


Files for download:
Effective Business Plans (PDF)
How to Play the VC Game (PDF)

If you believe your team embodies these traits, then you're off to a good start. To get a successful company off the ground and funded by venture capital, you'll also need a few other ingredients, like a stellar business concept with a well-developed plan, a large ($500M+) available market, a defensible and significant competitive advantage, and a highly skilled team.

To interest One Earth Capital, your product or service must also have an innovative, positive impact in the area of personal development. We are particularly interested in touching companies that generate a large impact in relation to personal development.

In addition to all of the above, you'll need to learn to play the venture capital game. Whether or not we are the firm that ultimately provides the funding you need, we want to help you successfully navigate this complex arena. To this end, we have prepared a downloadable PDF that we hope will provide some of the basic information and guidance to help you succeed in your quest for capital.


We appreciate your inquiries.

One Earth Capital is eager to hear from entrepreneurs and companies that meet our investment criteria, are aligned with our philosophies and share our vision for a healthy planet and people.

One Earth Capital is not currently hiring, but we are always on the lookout for talented individuals. We are also interested in hearing from seasoned leaders who are looking for new opportunities in our investment area.

Feel free to send us your info if you fit in the above categories.


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